Dedicated Server Reviews

Dedicated hosting allows users to rent out servers and have complete control of the OS, security software, run multiple websites and have increased bandwidth if the traffic spikes. Corporate business, ecommerce website usually require dedicated hosting to handle large data transfer.

Shared or virtual hosting would not suffice if your business is large.  Uptime and redundancy are key factors that are offered on dedicated hosting.


Types of dedicated servers

There are 2 type of dedicated hosting; managed and unmanaged servers. As the name suggests, managed servers allow you to lease out servers, customize it as per your need and have a team for timely maintenance, updates. 

Unmanaged servers are more core services. The cost is higher with this service as you need to take care of maintenance, system updates.  A major cost here is having a team of professional’s taking care of your servers.


Who uses dedicated servers?

A personal opinion would be look at how your business has been doing over a period of time.  Heavy number of users, clients not able to do transactions, slow loading of webpage are some points you should consider when opting for dedicated hosting.